Ellis Cain

I am a PhD student in the Cognitive and Informational Sciences program at UC Merced. I am currently working in Dr. Rachel Ryskin's Language, Interaction, and Cognition Lab . I completed my undergrad at Indiana University in Cognitive Science (B.S.) and East Asian Languages and Culture (Chinese, B.A.). I worked and continue to collaborate in Dr. Chen Yu's Developmental Intelligence Lab . I am interested in using NLP methods to explore cognitive science topics like semantic representation and language acquisition.

Conference proceedings:

Cognitive Science Society, 2022: Quantifying cross-situational statistics during parent-child toy play

Cognitive Science Society, 2021: Integration of Visual and Linguistic information

Cognitive Science Society, 2020: Seeking Meaning

Course projects:

Evaluating Verb Similarity Performance of Computational Models

Authorship Verification in Classical Chinese Texts


Cantonese Tone Production